Some of the Society's Public Lectures 1973, 1986 - 2016
Date Title Speaker
4 Sep. 1973 Christian Discipline' Miss E Whitley (Selby)
18 Sep. 1973 Ancient Wisdom & Modern Trends' Miss C Isaacs (Manchester)
2 Oct. 1973 Cosmology (continued) Dr J Shepherd (Melmerby)
16 Oct.1973 Why are We Here?' Mr B Nicholl (Bradford)
30 Oct. 1973 The Old and the New: Within' (Taped Lecture) John Coats (London)
13 Nov. 1973 Mysticism & Occultism in Everyday Life' Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
4 Dec. 1973 The Dream of Gerontius: A Study in Life After Death' Peter Larbalestier (Prestwich)
1 Feb. 1986 The Goal of Man' Betty Dodds (Ripon)
5 Apr. 1986 An Approach to Peace' Anthony Cadbury (Bradford)
7 Jun. 1986 John Pearson (Huddersfield)
2 Aug. 1986 Sai Baba' Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
4 Oct. 1986 Identity and Holism' Lily Langley-Bateson (Bingley)
7 Feb. 1987 The Objects of the Society' Eddie Newby (Bradford)
4 Apr. 1987 The Buddhist and Society' P Cueripel (Leeds)
6 Jun. 1987 Colour Harmony' Susan Bayliss (Leeds)
27 Jun. 1987 Guru Meets Disciple' Ianthe Hoskins (London)
1 Aug. 1987 Raja Yoga' David Goodman (Leeds)
3 Oct. 1987 Hinduism' Atma Trasi (Bradford)
28 Nov. 1987 Geoffrey Farthing (Surrey)
6 Feb. 1988 Evolution in the Light of Occultism' Denise Taggart (Manchester)
9 Apr. 1988 Modern Research into Reincarnation: A Theosophical Adam & Eve' Lilian Storey (London)
4 Jun. 1988 Reincarnation: The Lost Chord of Christianity' Peter Pinchen (Bradford)
6 Aug. 1988 The Cottingley Fairies' Joe Cooper (Leeds)
10 Sep. 1988 The Immediate Future of the TS: The Role of Maya in the Evolution of Man' Seymour Ballard (London)
1 Oct. 1988 Basic Buddhism' Robert Halstead (Keighley)
18 Feb. 1989 Perceptions of Life Experience' Susan Bayliss (Leeds)
22 Apr. 1989 The Bad Penny: Reincarnation, Science & the West' Peter Pinchen (Bradford)
17 Jun. 1989 Theosophy Today' Donald Atkinson (Burnley)
19 Aug. 1989 Christian Yoga' Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
14 Oct. 1989 Integral Yoga' Christine Fennel (Dewsbury)
17 Feb. 1990 Spiritual Evolution: the Prodigal Soul' Peter Pinchen (Bradford)
21 Apr. 1990 New Science, Ancient Wisdom: A Look at the Creative Universe' Susan Bayliss (Leeds)
16 Jun. 1990 Body & Soul: the Constitution of Man' Joe Cooper (Leeds)
18 Aug. 1990 Yoga & Theosophy: the Perennial Wisdom' Donald Atkinson (Burnley)
13 Oct. 1990 Healing & Holism: the Person or the Part?' Lorraine Ham (Keighley)
15 Dec. 1990
23 Feb. 1991 ‘The Ancient Wisdom: Introducing Theosophy Rosemary Larbalestier (Wallasey)
13 Apr. 1991 ‘The Mystery of Good & Evil: Is there a Purpose?’ Denise Taggart (Manchester)
15 Jun. 1991 ‘Yoga & Theosophy: A Basis for Life Dr Hari Upadhyay (London)
17 Aug. 1991 ‘The One & the Many: The Principle of Unity Ianthe Hoskins (London)
12 Oct. 1991 ‘The Science of Living: A Way of Life Eddie Newby (Bradford)
14 Dec. 1991 ‘Consciousness, Mind & Magic: The Power of Thought Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
15 Feb. 1992 ‘Condemned to Live!: Reincarnation, Science & the West Peter Pinchen (Bradford)
4 Apr. 1992 ‘Music & Mysticism: the work of Ralph Vaughan Williams Alan Senior (Forres)
13 Jun. 1992 ‘Meditation: Its Purpose & Practice Dr Hari Upadhyay (London)
15 Aug. 1992 ‘Living Theosophy: A Guide to Life Donald Atkinson (Burnley)
10 Oct. 1992 ‘Why Me? An exposition of the Law of Karma Rosemary Larbalestier (Wallasey)
12 Dec. 1992 ‘Towards the Aquarian Age: History & the Stars Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
13 Feb. 1993 ‘Yoga: The Great Cosmic Dance Christine Fennel (Dewsbury)
17 Apr. 1993 ‘Integrating the Self: Healing & Past Lives Lorraine Ham (Keighley)
12 Jun. 1993 ‘Thoughts are Things: the Nature of Thought Michael Rainger (York)
14 Aug. 1993 ‘Is it Worth the Effort? Spiritual Practice, the Fundamental Principles Susan Bayliss (Leeds)
16 Oct. 1993 ‘One World, One Mind, One Heart: The Principle of Unity Rosemary Larbalestier (Wallasey)
11 Dec. 1993 ‘Christmas & New Beginnings: Towards the Spiritual Life Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
12 Feb. 1994 ‘The Impossible Command: The Road to Perfection Sam West (Bolton)
16 Apr. 1994 ‘Man & His Place in the Universe: Where Do We Stand?’ Denise Taggart (Manchester)
11 Jun. 1994 ‘The Powers Latent in Man: The Reality Beyond the Form Michael Rainger (York)
13 Aug. 1994 ‘Karma: Nature’s Balancing Act Donald Atkinson (Burnley)
15 Oct. 1994 ‘A Universal Brotherhood of Humanity: The Theosophical Conception John Lilley (Chester)
17 Dec. 1994 ‘The Illumined Mind: Journeying Toward the Light Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
11 Feb. 1995 ‘Healing & Holism: The Person or the Part?’ Lorraine Ham (Keighley)
8 Apr. 1995 ‘The Purpose of Life: What’s It All About?’ Susan Barnforth (Leeds)
10 Jun. 1995 ‘The Kingdom of Heaven: Where is it?’ Alan Senior (Forres)
12 Aug. 1995 ‘What am I? - Discovering the Real You Colette Korendowych (Bradford)
14 Oct. 1995 ‘Astro-Psychology: Planetary Influences upon the Human Psyche Karen Adam (Bradford)
9 Dec. 1995 ‘The Embodiment of Love: Avatârs, Saviours of Humanity Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
10 Feb. 1996 ‘The Blossom of the Root of Life’ Susan Bayliss (Leeds)
13 Apr. 1996 ‘Bhagavad Gita: The Eternal Guide to Mankind Joniah Pârthsârathi (Halifax)
8 Jun. 1996 ‘Meditation: Transcending the Mind Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
10 Aug. 1996 ‘Free Will or Predestination?’ Michael Rainger (York)
12 Oct. 1996 ‘Tao Te Ching: The Way Less Travelled Atma Trasi (Bradford)
8 Feb. 1997 ‘Fear & the Duality of Man’ Keith Reeves (Leeds)
12 Apr. 1997 ‘The Circle & the Centre’ Peter Barton (Fife)
17 May. 1997 ‘The River of Life’ Rajni Patel (Birmingham)
14 Jun. 1997 Journey to IXTLAN’ Sam West (Bolton)
9 Aug. 1997 ‘Mythology: Eternal Guideposts for Mankind Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
11 Oct. 1997 ‘Physical (Orthodox) Science & Occult Science: Different Methods of Investigating Nature Dr Edi Bilimoria (Guildford)
13 Dec. 1997 ‘Understanding Ourselves, the World & Our Condition’ Albert Sutcliffe (Bradford)
14 Feb. 1998 ‘Esoteric Christianity’ Dr Tony Hamblin (Leeds)
25 Apr. 1998 ‘Evolution in the Light of Occultism’ Denise Taggart (Manchester)
13 Jun. 1998 ‘The Sacred Tree: More than a Symbol Alan Senior (Forres)
8 Aug. 1998 ‘An Appeal to the Higher Self’ Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
10 Oct. 1998 ‘The Challenge of Theosophy’ Alan Hughes (Goring on Sea)
12 Dec. 1998 ‘The Many Splendoured Thing’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
13 Feb. 1999 ‘Aspects of Astrology’ David Power (Halifax)
17 Apr. 1999 ‘Holistic Living’ Rajni Patel (Birmingham)
12 Jun. 1999 ‘Flexibility: The Key to Change Eileen Armstrong (Newcastle)
14 Aug. 1999 ‘The Discovery of the Heretical Gospels: Sunburst at Jabâl Al-Tarif Harold Tarn (Middlesborough)
9 Oct. 1999 ‘The Science of Yoga’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
11 Dec. 1999 ‘The Essential Nature of Music’ Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
12 Feb. 2000 ‘The Mystical Drama of Life & Death’ Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
8 Apr. 2000 ‘Godly Wisdom: A Theosophical Chat Tom Clifford (Leeds)
10 Jun. 2000 ‘The Web of Karma’ Colin Price (London)
12 Aug. 2000 ‘Right Knowledge, Right Action’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
14 Oct. 2000 ‘Science & the Experience of Reality’ Robert Woolley (Northampton)
9 Dec. 2000 ‘Meditation: Entering the Silence’ Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
10 Feb. 2001 ‘Tibetan Tantrâ: Mystical Buddhism Susan Leybourn (Leeds)
28 Apr. 2001 ‘Using Chakrâs for Health, Harmony, & Self-Realisation’ Joan Bowers (Stalybridge)
9 Jun. 2001 ‘The Pearls of Truth’ Alan Hughes (Goring on Sea)
11 Aug. 2001 ‘My Personal Experiences of Sâi Bâbâ’ Elsie Sugden (Keighley)
13 Oct. 2001 ‘Let Your Inner Self Shine Forth’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
8 Dec. 2001 ‘From the Unreal to the Real’ Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
9 Feb. 2002 ‘The Seven Phases of Human Evolution’ Ruby Tovet (Leeds)
13 Apr. 2002 ‘Open Your Own Treasure House: Theosophy & Zen Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
8 Jun. 2002 ‘Reasons for Reincarnation’ Eileen Armstrong (Newcastle)
10 Aug. 2002 ‘What the Buddha Taught’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
12 Oct. 2002 ‘Karma: Nature’s Balancing Act Kathy Mugan (Royton)
14 Dec. 2002 ‘Spirals as an image of the Unfolding Consciousness’ Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
8 Feb. 2003 ‘Towards Wholeness & Freedom: The Alexander Technique Marcus Sly (Saltaire)
12 Apr. 2003 ‘Ungodly Wisdom: A Theosophical Chat Tom Clifford (Leeds)
14 Jun. 2003 ‘The Hidden Wisdom’ Margaret Senior (Forres)
9 Aug. 2003 ‘All You Need is Love’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
11 Oct. 2003 ‘The Art of Joyful Living: Developing Intuition & the Wisdom of Buddhi Barry Gornall (Oxford)
13 Dec. 2003 ‘Timeless Moment: Glimpses of the Divine Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
14 Feb. 2004 ‘The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation’ Kevin Core (Cottingley)
17 Apr. 2004 ‘The Path of the Modern Mystic’ Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
12 Jun. 2004 ‘The Mystic Dragon Tradition’ Jane Hoult (Nottingham)
14 Aug. 2004 Theosophy & Sikhism’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
11 Dec. 2004 ‘Once Upon a Time: the Hidden Wisdom of Fairy Tales Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
12 Feb. 2005 ‘Magic: From Enochian to Harry Potter Kevin Core (Cottingley)
9 Apr. 2005 ‘The Eternal Pilgrim’ Maureen Atkinson (Blackburn)
11 Jun. 2005 ‘Mission Impossible’ Christine Lowe (Bolton)
13 Aug. 2005 ‘Theosophy: What’s it all about?’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
8 Oct. 2005 ‘Divya Dhvani: Divine Sound Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
10 Dec. 2005 Mantras in Spiritual Practice' Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
11 Feb. 2006 ‘The Way of Acceptance’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
8 Apr. 2006 ‘Theosophy: The Cornerstone of World religions Colin Price (London)
10 Jun. 2006 ‘The Key to Immortality’ Janet Bourne (Leicester)
12 Aug. 2006 ‘Inner Light, Living Spirit’ Atma Trasi (Bradford)
14 Oct. 2006 ‘Seven Jewels of Wisdom’ Barry Thompson (London)
9 Dec. 2006 ‘Angels affect us oft - - - -’ Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
10 Feb. 2007 Stress Management: The Vedic Way' Prof. Ram Gokal (Manchester)
21 Apr. 2007 Reincarnation: A Personal Odyssey' John Holden (Leicester)
9 Jun. 2007 The Liberating Path' Kelsang Khechog (Bradford)
11 Aug. 2007 Bringing the Mind Home' Atma Trasi (Bradford)
13 Oct. 2007 Gudjieff and the Fourth Way' Bob Bows (Leeds)
8 Dec. 2007 The Tree of Life: A Practical Guide to Living' Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
9 Feb. 2008 Sacred Gardens & the Path' Robert Woolley (Northampton)
12 Apr. 2008 The Inner Mysteries of Life Colin Price (London)
14 Jun. 2008 The Power of Sound: the Vibrancy of Silence Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
16 Aug. 2008 The Bhagavad Gita Atma Trasi (Bradford)
11 Oct. 2008 The Healing Powers of Thoughts, Auras, Crystals & Angels Susan Bayliss (Bradford)
13 Dec. 2008 Zoroastrianism: An Ancient Faith of a Small Community Burjor Avari (Manchester)
14 Feb. 2009 Sacred Spaces & Secret Places Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
11 Apr. 2009 The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment Hugh Agnew (Merseyside)
13 Jume 2009 Vedic Astrology Paul Barker (Leeds)
15 Aug. 2009 Living the Tao: the Sublime Wisdom of Lao Tzu Atma Trasi (Bradford)
10 Oct. 2009 'The Mystical teaching of the "Sermon on the Mount"' Swami Yogeshwarananda (India)
12 Dec. 2009 Synchronicity: Unlocking Inner Potential Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
13 Feb. 2010 The Dawning of Aquarius Eric McGough (Anglesey)
3 Apr. 2010 Dragons and Initiates Janet Hoult (Nottingham)
12 Jun. 2010 The Primal Power of Symbols Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
21 Aug. 2010 The Esoteric Interpretation of the Buddha's Teachings Swami Yogeshwarananda (India)
9 Oct. 2010 Journeying to the Source: From Darkness to Light Atma Trasi (Bradford)
11 Dec. 2010 Who Do You Think You Are? Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
12 Feb. 2011 The Lost Key Dr Bob Lomas (Bradford)
9 Apr. 2011 Life, Death & Immortality Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
11 Jun. 2011 The Labours of Hercules Gary Kidgell (Dundee)
20 Aug. 2011 Karma, law and Life Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
8 Oct. 2011 The Planets: How They Influence Our Lives Ted Capstick (Chester)
10 Dec. 2011 The Heart of the Matter Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
11 Feb.2012 The Lotus of the Soul Gary Kidgell (Dundee)
31 Mar. 2012 Many-Sided Wisdom Dr Aidan Rankin (London)
9 Jun. 2012 The Search for Truth Bhupendra Vora (London)
18 Aug. 2012 Pathways to Spiritual Awareness Susan Bayliss (Bradford)
13 Oct. 2012 The Electric Universe and the Nature of the Cosmos Ron Wallwork (London)
8 Dec. 2012 The End of the World as We Know it: Armageddon & Afterwards Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
9 Feb. 2013 The Green Man Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
9 Mar. 2013 The Lotus of Living Beauty Kathy Newburn (USA)
13 Apr. 2013 Striving for Perfection Colin Price (London)
22 Jun. 2013 The Grand Plan and the Hidden Hierarchy Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
17 Aug. 2013 Keys to the Kingdoms Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)
12 Oct. 2013 The Upanishads: Esoteric Wisdom of the Sages Atma Trasi (Bradford)
14 Dec. 2013 The Story of the Theosophical Society: The Early Years Atma Trasi (Bradford)
8 Feb. 2014 Meditation,Talk and Discussion Satguru Ramana Devi (Rosendale)
12 Apr. 2014 Spirituality in Art Gloria Simons (Leeds)
14 Jun. 2014 The Consciousness Big Bang Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
16 Aug. 2014 An Overview of thre Ageless Wisdom Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
14 Oct. 2014 Identification, Initiation, Immortality Ted Capstick (Chester)
13 Dec. 2014 Death and Beyond: An Esoteric Perspective Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
14 Feb. 2015 Rise of the Lost Continent: A Genetic History of Mankind and Blavatsky's ‘Secret Doctrine'" Chad Manian (London)
28 Mar. 2015 Resonance Dori Kirchmair (Birmingham)
13 Jun.2015 Zen Wisdom: The Search for the Bull Atma Trasi (Bradford)
15 Aug. 2015 Grace Cooke and White Eagle Alison Beckett (Leeds) & Jane Lewis (Ripon)
11 Jun. 2016 Sacred Science and the Halls of Wisdom Susan Bayliss (Bradford)
20 Aug. 2016 The Inspiration of the Soul Jenny Baker (London)
8 Oct. 2016 The Essence of Spiritual Meditation Wayne Gatfield (Bolton)
10 Dec. 2016 Portals to the Divine Cynthia Trasi (Bradford)